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Simplex 650

English > Manual sampler
Hand sampler with hand lever and pneumatic actuation

The sampler Simplex 650, our latest development, is available in two versions. The Simplex 650H is manually operated (Illustration below) and Simplex 650H/PN can be operated manually and pneumatically (Illustration right). The sampler closes automatically after releasing the lever.

The standard version is designed with a Varivent cover as inlet and with two DN5 quick-change couplings (self-closing) as outlets (Illustration below).

According to customer requirements,
all possible variants of inputs and
outputs are of course available.

                      Optionally the sampler is also available
                      with a hand wheel.
                      The advantage here is a permanent opening
                      without the operator needing one hand.
                      For example:
                      for longer-term oxygen measurement.

           Variants                                    Data sheet

Of course, all common outlet nozzles, spirals etc. are available.

The samplers can be damped up to 125°C and appropriate accessories are also available for this purpose.
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