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Simplex 2600

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Der Probenehmer Simplex 2600 ohne und mit Handhebel
Simplex 2600 without

The sampler which could once again improve on the good and field-tested properties of the 2500 unit.
It closes with the line pressure and works in the pressure range from 0.5 to 12 bar.

Uncontrolled opening due to top pressures, even up to 30 bar, is not possible with this principle.
The Simplex 2600 is no longer joined at the important connection between the pneumatic system and the sterile chamber with a thread but with a clamp. As a result, the biological safety has again been substantially improved.

and with handoperating

An optional design also offers a hand lever for opening the sampler by hand.
This is an ideal solution for pushing out, manual sampling and maintenance.
This model can also be readily interchanged with the other 2000 models provided that the bottle connection is identical.

Movie about the maintenance of the Simplex 2600
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