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Secondary cleaning and CO2

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The sampler system Simplex-Clean is at present the highest version of all our sampling systems.
This system is CIP- and SIP- cleaning and it can be sterilized independently of it.
The complete system is external sterilizing with steam.

Furthermore it can be increased by CO2 with an another valve.
With CO2 we can blow out the rest of the product or the condensation, befor or after steaming.
If you have installed the sampler bottle you can streams the bottle with CO2, so we have an anaerobe
condition in the bottle.
Simplex Clean consists of two components, at first the sampler and second the controll unit.
Both have to be connected with a cable.
The controll unit is a Siemens S7 with a touch panel.
Different types:
1. Simplex-Clean only with a steam valve (foto above)
2. Simplex-Clean with a steam- and a CO2-valve (foto right)

                                       Other combinations are possible please contact us.

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