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Polymer filtration

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Granusim Microboilogical „finder-programm“ with the new polybind technology

We can use a new method to detect microbes in liquid foodstuffs – the polybind technique.
Short definition: (More detailed information about the polybind can be found at )
If the polybind is kept afloat in the liquid, microbes can “dock onto” the polybind and
are thus separated from the sample and recorded.
After that, they can be examined and defined in the laboratory with various methods
from incubation to PCR.

At present there are two ways of taking samples:
One way:
Final product control:  With this way of taking samples, a sample about the polybind is taken, automatically
controlled, from a filled up unit (bottle, KEG).                                                                                                                                                                                                                              

The other way:

Online sampling:
With this method, a sample about the polybind is taken directly from the production line.

In the laboratory, the bottle is filled with a culture medium under sterile conditions without opening the bottle
(inoculation by way of self-filling needle).

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