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Pipe connection

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The pipe connection is the important contact to the medium

The welding connection the simplest variation, but not the best.

The welding connection is welded directly onto a pipe. After this connection the pipe must be drilled-on with a 10mm drill.
It takes a sample from the internal wall of the pipe, as do most sample valves, there is danger of pressure build-up, the product does not flow continuously through the welded connection.  

Bio-Con, the elegant and safest solution
The Bio-Con will be welded directly into a pipe, through a drilled 25 mm hole.
It takes a sample from the centre and from the wall of the pipe, there is no danger of pressure build-up, the product always flows continuously through the Bio-Con, assuring a representative sample every time.
The diameter of the pipe in which it will be used is required information.

If a Varivent housing is installed, you can order a Bio-Con welded into a blind cap.

All in one you can get a Bio-Con installed in a Varivent housing

A solution for pipes close-to-ground

If the pipes are installed close-to-ground and the place between the sampler and the ground is not high enough to connect a bottle in the Stericap, we have a solution. A Bio-Con variation, which is installed in a Varivent housing a safty fastening over the pipe.
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