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Easy control

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The control is based on an Eaton Easy control relay, which is operated in a self-explanatory way with the help of a touch panel.
The software has been developed and programmed by us and is therefore optionally customisable by arrangement.
Two variants are offered as standard:
1. with built-in pneumatic valve. This variant can be used in the near of the sampler,
  as the control air line may only be a maximum of 4 metres long.
2. purely electric, i.e. a direct electro-pneumatic control is required at the sampler.
  No pneumatics are installed in the control box and one is independent of the line length.
  (over 4 metres distance to the sampler).
A control system for two samplers is also available.

Controls for more than two samplers and controls for samplers with cleaning and CO2 valves are also available.

Overview of a complete installation with one sampler

Overview of a complete installation with two sampler

Movie about the installation and programming ofeasy control (old version Easy)

Also have a look on: Electrik-pneumatical controlling of the sampler Simplex 2600
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