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Bottle connection

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The Stericap, a decisive connection to the sampler bottle

The Stericap is fixed to the sampler with a clamp.
It is inserted into the bottle with a central filling tube through a membrane.
A contamination free ventilation (volume compesation) of the bottle is guaranteed by the Vacu-Compens, which must be filled with alcohol.
During the CIP-or SIP-cleaning the closer cup have to be closed with to clips, therefor the stericap is cleaned and sterilized.

With the same clip the sampler bottle is fasten into the Stericap.
Advantage of this method is:
Very important:
The pressure between Stericap and multiple membrane are always ensured to safeguard the necessary tightness.
the mounting height is substantially lower
and advisable:
We doesn't need a bottle stand
The Vacu-Compens about which cleaning drains away is down on the right side.
The Vacu-Compens must be filled up with alcohol at taking a sample to ensure the sterility of the sample.
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