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Analytical filtration

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Membran filtration directly after the sampler

The filter unit can be cleaned and autoclaved in the laboratory or sterilized in a steaming cooker.
After the sterilization it is cooled down and opened in a clean air environment to insert the membrane filter.
After that it is wraped in aluminium foil and transported to the sampling place.

The sampler has been cleaned by the CIP -process, then the filter unit is connected to the sampler.
The sampler will be switched on like a continuous sampling.

Advantage of this filtration method:
The filtered volume is far hihger than the volume, which is normally filtered in the laboratory.
In practice, quantities up to 3 litres has flowed through the membrane filter without blockage.
Standard volume is about 2000 ml.
The advantage of a highly representative sample should be clear.

Filter unit connected with a sampling bottle. The bottle is only used to see the volume which has gone throug the filter.

Parts of the filter unit
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